Comment RulesEdit

Welcome to the Comment Rules Page. This Page contains all rules that are in affect for commenting on pages. Please report anything on the Wiki Reports page that breaks any rules that are shown below.

Rules for CommentingEdit

  • Foul, rude, or inappropriate language is not tolerated and should be immediately reported. (Foul language does not include: Crap or Fricken')
  • Any put downs can be reported. (If you feel that someone is making you upset or angry you may report it)
  • Any sexual themes is not tolerated and should be immediately reported. (Any sexual words or something that makes you feel uncomfortable, please report it so we can block that user)
  • Any false reports are considered a "Tattle-Tale Report", this can result in a time-out. (Remember we can see comments that occur on pages, lying isn't a very useful tool when it comes to reporting something)

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