Largest City AwardEdit

Welcome to the Largest City Award! To nominate your city for this award, see the guild lines below and read each step.


  • City's population must be more than 80,000.
  • Plug-ins and downloads added to the city are acceptable.
  • You must add a city description.
  • You must include: City Name, Population, Mayor Name, Username (plus link to profile), how many years it took to build (optional), and a picture or screenshot of city.
  • NOTE! The city with the highest population doesn't win the award, it depends on the votes of other users or interest from an administrator. (See the Voting page for more information)

What the Award Looks LikeEdit

  • If your City wins the award, you may place the "User" version on your profile.
  • If your city has won an award, you are allowed to create a main article for it and place the "City" version on the article.
Largest City Award Symbol

This City has won the award for Largest City.
Largest City Award Symbol

Largest City Award Symbol

This User's City has won the award for Largest City.
Largest City Award Symbol

Nominate your City!Edit

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